Astonishing Visuals

“The Pre-Crime Initiative cannot survive a miscarriage.”

John Fleming


The Cast (Photo: Marc Brenner)

I came to Minority Report at the Lyric Hammersmith because I had so liked David Haig’s play Pressure about the weather forecasting for the Normandy Landings.  The bonus was director Max Webster who is probably already too good to be described as “up and coming”. Within minutes I was experiencing adjectives like “Astonishing”, Amazing”, Visually Hypnotic”. 

I have never been a fan of science fiction, either in book or film form, so I hadn’t read Philip K Dick’s 1958 novella nor seen Tom Cruise in the 2002 movie nor played Minority Report  the computer game.

Jodie McNee as Julia and cast (Photo: Marc Brenner)

The play opens in 2050, the 10th Anniversary of the British pre-crime initiative.  We are at a lecture given by Dame Julia Anderton (Jodie McNee) where she has a plastic bucket, and is wearing rubber gloves.  She is showing us a human brain and discussing what each sliver of brain might disclose about its human.  Julia’s personal motive in this anti-crime legislation was the murder of her twin sister Lara some years before in 2042 in Highbury Fields.

You see Science has managed to identify those who might commit murder and in 2040, the first pre-murderer has been arrested. They were detained in a Humane Detention Centre. There was a Referendum passed to decide whether tracking neuropins should be inserted to protect everyone from violent crime.  There are three mutants who are pre-cogs, they can predict who will murder.  The minority report is when one of these pre-cogs dissents from the others casting doubt on a decision.  To get this prediction wrong would cause a scandal and undermine the basis of the Pre-Crime system.

Nick Fletcher as George, Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister as Michelle and Jodie McNee as Julia (Photo: Marc Brenner)

There is a protest at this lecture led by John Fleming (Danny Collins) one of the few dissenters to the ridding of crime.  People wearing neuropins are red circled and detained. This system goes horribly wrong for Dame Julia when she herself is identified by the Pre-Cogs.  Her digital personal assistant Michelle (Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister) advises that Julia should remove her brain chip or digital pin in her brain. What follows is an excitingly staged race for Julia to escape those attempting to detain her. 

Roseanne Frascona as Ana and Jodie McNee as Julia (Photo: Marc Brenner)

It is raining on the roof of Julia’s building and there is a superb video chase to capture her with torchlight and rotating security beams reflecting in the rain. I did wonder why in the future we were still using black umbrellas but they always make exciting images onstage.  She meets with the Home Secretary Ralph (Nicholas Rowe) who knows her and knew her sister. 

Jon Bausor’s futuristic set of blue and green glass skyscrapers, strip lighting with Tai Rosner’s video excitement and Richard Pinner’s Illusions are state of the art.  The performances are fine but it isn’t the actors we are just looking at here.  I find nothing more thrilling onstage than live, visual excitement and from the site that doesn’t do stars, Minority Report gets Five shining superfuturistic stars from Theatrevibe.

The Cast. (Photo: Marc Brenner)

Production Notes

Minority Report

Written by Philip K Dick

Adapted by David Haig

Directed by Max Webster



Jodie McNee

Nicholas Rowe

Danny Collins

Nick Fletcher

Ricardo Castro

Roseanna Frascona

Chrissy Brooke

Tanvi Virmani

Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister


Director: Max Webster

Designer: Jon Bausor

Lighting Designer:  Jessica Hang Hun Yun

Composer and Sound Designer:  Nicola T Chang

Video Designer:  Tai Rosner

Movement Director:  Lucy Hind

Fight Directors: Rachel Bown-Williams, Ruth Cooper-Brown


Running Time: One hour 30 minutes without an interval

Booking until 18th May 2024



Lyric Theatre

King Street


London W6 0QL

Box Office: 020 8741 6850 


Tube: Hammersmith

Reviewed by Lizzie Loveridge  at the Lyric Hammersmith 

on 29th April 2024

Xenoa Ledgister-CAmpbell as Michelle and Nicholas Rowe as Ralph (Photo: Marc Brenner)