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Gina Beck as Nellie Forbush and Julian Ovenden as Emile De Becque  (Photo: Joham Persson)
Ciaran O'Brien as Caliban and Ferdy Roberts as Prospero  (Photo: Marc Brenner)
Chris Jared as Aslan and puppeteers (Photo: Brinkhoff-Mogenburg)
Dominic Thorburn as Squadron Leader Ballard      (Photo: Andrew Billington)
Beverley Knight as Deloris van Cartier and Jennifer Saunders as Mother Superior  (Photo: Manuel Harlan)
Ashley Margolis as Liam Haber, Olivia Le Andersen as Melody, and Rosie Yadid as Daphna  (Photo: Ellie Kurttz)
Ayesha Dharker as Cheilam  (Photo: Isha Shah/Akhila Krishnan)
Perdi and Pongo pupeteered by Yana Penrose, Emma Lucia, Ben Thompson, Danny Collins (Photo: Mark Senior)
Cast in Much Ado  (Photo: Manuel Harlan)
Cast in Fashion Freak Show (Photo: Mark Senior)
Ella Hunt as Alice and Sam Troughton as Larry  (Photo: Marc Brenner)
Luke Bayer, Rob Madge and Hannah Lowther in Millennials  (Photo: Mark Senior)
James Corrigan as Bob 'Wingnut' Acres, Jordan Metcalfe as Roy Faulkland, Laurie Davidson as Jack Absolute and Akshay Sharan as Bikram ‘Tony’ Khattri.   (Photo: Brinkhoff-Moegenburg)
Kerry Ellis as Reno Sweeney  (Photo: Marc Brenner)
Jamael Weston as Alexander Litvinenko and Tom Hollander as Boris Berezovsky behind Putin masks  (Photo: Mark Brenner)
Craig Hamilton as Thomas Shelby.  (Photo: Mark Senior)
Hannah Pauley as Corie Bratter and Jonny Labey as Paul Bratter  (Photo: Andreas Lambis)
Emilia Clarke as Nina  (Photo: Marc Brenner)
Alex Jennings as David Highland  (Photo: David Highland)
Lindsay Duncan as Alice   (photo: Alex Brenner)
Courtney Stapleton as Belle and Shaq Taylor as the Beast  (Photo: Johan Persson)
Cherelle Skeete as Dawn and Suzette LLewellyn as Marcia  (Photo: Robert Day)
Offue Okegbe as Mr Punch, Michael Crean as  Ketch and Yvette Boakye as The Crocodile  (Photo: Greg Goodale)
David Harbour as Michael  (Photo: Marc Brenner)

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