Inside of Wilton's Music Hall - Photo: Paul Marc Mitchell
Exterior of the Adelphi Theatre with newly painted Back to the Future mural - Photo: Andy Paradise
Portchester Castle - Photo: English Heritage
The cast of The Last Five Years - Photo: Southwark Playhouse
Cast of Uncle Vanya - Photo: Seamus Ryan and Artwork: Muse Creative Communications
Natalie Paris, Vicki Manser, Jarneia Richard-Noel, Courtney Bowman, Alexia McIntosh, Danielle Steers in Six - Photo: Eleanor Howarth
Declan Bennett as Jesus (centre back) and Company - Photo: Mark Senior
Andrew Scott - Photo: Manuel Harlan
Jack Reynolds as Jonah and Jay McGuiness as Sam - Photo: Alastair Muir
Sam Oakes as Hamlet - Photo: Phil Swallow
Jed Berry as Stella - Photo: Alex Hinson