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Laurie Kynaston as Melchior (Photo: Marc Brenner)

REVIEW: Spring Awakening, Almeida (2021)

The score is alternative rock by Duncan Sheik with the book and lyrics by Steven Sater.  There is a beautiful clarity to the sung words. It is pretty raunchy stuff with scenes of sado-masochism and masturbation but it has an honesty lacking in society then, and to a lesser extent, now. 

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REVIEW: The Glass Menagerie, Apollo Theatre (2007) from our archive

Jessica Lange isn't afraid to give an unsympathetic portrayal of Amanda as she badgers her daughter when her disappointment has risen to the surface. She looks ghastly in her Victorian muslin ball gown, the dress falling apart with age. Don't we hate the way she swishes the full skirt in front of the Gentleman Caller to give a glimpse of her legs in a manner intended as flirtatious, but which is actually stomach churning.  

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