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Annice Boparai as Nora and Chris Porter as the German (Photo: Ikin Yum)

REVIEW: Noor, Southwark Playhouse (2022)

Asian Princess's Bravery under Nazi Torture "Women are better staying packing parachutes and cooking stew."Colonel BuckmasterLest We Forget  Annice Boparai as Noor (Photo: Ikin Yum) During the second world war…

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Offue Okegbe as Mr Punch, Michael Crean as Ketch and Yvette Boakye as The Crocodile (Photo: Greg Goodale)

REVIEW: Evelyn, Southwark Playhouse (2022)

Supposition and Suspicion by the Seaside "Little twisting pinchesAlmost like Chinese burnson my arms and legs”Jeanne Nicola Harrison as Sandra and Rula Lenska as Jeanne (Photo: Greg Goodale) Tom Ratcliffe’s play…

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