Fabulous Eugenius! Finds a Future

“I can take on anyone, even if its Megatron

I’ll find a way, oh I’ll make them pay

I’ll beat down every door, ’til I stop that Skeletor

I’ll find a way, I’ll save the day

Comic book kind of love”

Lyric from Comic Book Kind of Love

The Cast. (Photo: Pamela Raith)

I came to the party late!  5th September 2018 was the opening night of Eugenius! for maybe the second time at the Other Palace.   Warwick Davies and his family were there.  People walked past, did a double take, and then grinned widely.  It was a complete celebration of a musical that took me right back to the Kings Road in the 1970s when Tim Curry and Richard O’Brien blew the roof off a former cinema with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  

I had missed the London Palladium outing of Eugenius! where Warwick himself had played Lex Logan.  I was there to see Rob Houchen and it was a memorable night for many reasons.   I met Reece Cansdale my web designer for the first time that night who said I must go and see Six.  I did and I loved it!

I booked and paid for a pair of tickets to return to see this fun musical again.  Scott Paige was memorable as Theo, the Hollywood scout for Lex.  Eugenius! had everything, rock music, dance, great singing and above all wit!  The mystery was why Eugenius! never made the leap to transfer after a backer had to pull out.  It had such a Twitter following, the audience were ready and waiting.  

Joseph Beach as Evil Lord Hector. (Photo: Pamela Raith)

There was only one female cast change I wished for then and it wasn’t the wonderful Laura Baldwin who was divine as Janey.  Maybe her transformation from geeky schoolgirl to sexy heroine didn’t please the woke brigade but I loved it.  Read the fabulous review of Eugenius! in 2018 HERE.

The main issue at the Turbine is the lack of space to stage Eugenius!  It is a crying shame the stage can’t be wider and, in all fairness, I have never noticed this being an issue before at this innovative and exciting venue.  The singing is superb, the rock numbers the same but everyone is too close together.  

I was not happy with the gender switch for Lex Logan (Lara Denning) as the male Hollywood producer, who is a villain here, he actually benefits from his association with the sleaze of the casting couch scandals.  I preferred my Hollywood sidekicks in suits and ties like their leader rather than T shirts with Powermax Pictures printed on them.   Having said that Lara Denning is a strong performer. 

The Cast. (Photo: Pamela Raith)

Evil Lord Hector (Joseph Beach) is very good in voice, design and highly camp impact but we have lost some of his origin with a small image of his robot nanny.  I loved the Fish People more this time, the thinking person’s mermen and mermaids, obviously being so close to the Thames helps! 

Elliott Evans has the modest looks as Eugene but I wish he’d lose that 1980s centre parting but he can sing really well. Jaina Brock-Patel brings her experience from the touring production of Six and she can certainly belt out numbers but I’d like to see more softness in her Janey.  James Hameed as Feris is an excellent fellow Geek and comedy actor but again he needs more space in the scenes with the Stock Jocks. 

The stand out songs are Comic Book Kind of Love  a gloriously romantic ballad and the rousing finale number Go Eugenius! which brings everyone to their feet. 

The energy is great but again the choreography has too little room to show it at its best, all of which of course will be fixed when Eugenius!  can hopefully return post Heathers to the Other Palace.

The Cast. (Photo: Pamela Raith)

Musical Numbers

Act One

Tough Man


Who’s That Guy?


Comic Book Kind of Love (Solo) 

Go You Genius

Ticket to Hollywood

Lex Hogan

A Little Kick Ass

The Future’s Bright

She’s Amazing


Act Two

Hands Up!

The Dance of the Fish People


The No Pants Dance

Happy Endings Don’t Exist

Don’t Shoot for the Stars, Shoot Higher


Comic Book Kind of Love

Go Eugenius! (Finale)

Production Notes


Book, Music and Lyrics by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins

Directed by Hannah Chiswick




Dominic Andersen

Joseph Beach

Lara Denning

Rhys Taylor

James Hameed

Naomi Alade

Elliott Evans

Jaina Brock-Patel

Louis Doran

Maddison Firth

Sebastian Harwood


Director: Hannah Chiswick

Choreographer: Aaron Renfrew

Set and Lighting Designer: Andrew Exeter

Musical Director:  Nick Pinchbeck

Sound Designer: Alistair Penman

Video Design: Andy Walton and Andrew Exeter


Running Time: Two hours 20 minutes with an interval

Booking until 28th May 2023 



Turbine Theatre

Arches Lane

Circus West

London, SW11 8AB

Phone: 020 7851 0300

Tube: Battersea Power Station

or Riverboat to Battersea Power Station

Reviewed by Lizzie Loveridge

at the Turbine

on 22nd March 2023