NEWS: Signal Fires, Storytelling for All Nationwide

Forty touring companies return to the essence of theatre in storytelling around the fire countrywide. In October and November, fires will light up across the UK with storytellers and audiences sharing in one of the original forms of theatre. The fires will signal the vibrancy of touring theatre, and the threat our industry continues to face.

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REVIEW: King Charles III, Almeida (2014)
Tim Piggot-Smith as King Charles III Photo - Johan Persson

REVIEW: King Charles III, Almeida (2014)

Mike Bartlett may be our best British playwright. With each play he writes he demonstrates a variety of talent and perception, inventing new and diverse subjects. His latest play surprised some of the critical fraternity, who hadn't done their homework, when they realised his modern history play, like Shakespeare's histories was in verse. Except that it isn't accurate to call King Charles III a history play as it is about events that haven't yet taken place.

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REVIEW: Enron, Royal Court (2009)

Enron is about the creative accounting adopted by the Texan energy giant to disguise their losses and debts that gives creativity a bad name. The bubble burst and down tumbled two giants, Enron and accountants Arthur Andersen, as well as many Enron employees who lost not only their jobs but all their capital after using it to purchase the company's shares. So how do we turn the tedium of financial balance sheets and stock market registers into living theatre? With innovative skill, that's how!

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