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Matt Whitchurch as Michael and MyAnna Buring as Vera (Photo: Jane Hobson)

REVIEW: Milk and Gall, Theatre 503 (2021)

This exceptional new play by Matilde Dratwa, who was born in Belgium but who now lives in New York, juxtaposes the mega event regime change of the advent of the Trump presidency with the micro in world terms of the birth of Vera (MyAnna Buring)'s first child.  Of course for Vera, this birth is anything but micro as her life is turned upside down by the new arrival and responsibility for him. As Vera goes into labour with the supportive father of her child, Michael (Matt Whitchurch) in attendance, it is November 2016 and the states are being called either for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. 

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REVIEW: Peribanez, Young Vic (2003)

Many Spanish plays of this period are concerned with duty, honour and loyalty and Peribanez is no exception. It is a celebration of peasant culture, showing the moral integrity of the dutiful peasant. Its tale of an overlord, the Commander (David Harewood) who threatens to take as his mistress the beautiful Casilda (Jackie Morrison) wife of a peasant farmer Peribanez (Michael Nardone) after the Commander is gored by a bull and carried to their home.

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