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Andrew Rannalls as Jim Bakker and Katie Brayben as Tammy Faye (Photo: Marc Brenner)

REVIEW: Tammy Faye, Almeida (2022)

The Electronic Church Musical Scandal "We'll have to remove several inches of your colon." Proctologist "Well then, I'll have a semi-colon"Tammy Faye........................."Like Disneyworld, but for good people." Jim Bakker on Heritage USA Andrew…

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Victoria Hamilton as Audrey Walters - Photo: Marc Brenner

REVIEW: Albion, Almeida (2017)

Albion is a slower burn than some of Bartlett's other plays. It is about Englishness and gardens and nostalgia and in that sense a desire, which may or may not be possible, to relive the past. The metaphors will be debated as the themes are many and complex.

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