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Andrew Rannalls as Jim Bakker and Katie Brayben as Tammy Faye (Photo: Marc Brenner)

REVIEW: Tammy Faye, Almeida (2022)

The Electronic Church Musical Scandal "We'll have to remove several inches of your colon." Proctologist "Well then, I'll have a semi-colon"Tammy Faye........................."Like Disneyworld, but for good people." Jim Bakker on Heritage USA Andrew…

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LAST EASTER by Bryony Lavery ; Director Tinuke Craig ; Designer Hannah Wolfe ; Design Associate Natalie Johnson ; Lighting Designer Elliot Griggs ; Sound Designer ; Composer Beth Duke ; Costume Supervisor Megan Rarity ; Orange Tree Theatre ; London, UK ; 3rd July 2021 ; Credit & Copyright: Helen Murray

REVIEW: Last Easter, Orange Tree Theatre (2021)

June (Naana Agyei-Ampadu) is dying of breast cancer which has developed secondary cancers. June is probably the least obviously dramatic of the four. She is a lighting designer and the playwright’s directions in the text is that the lighting has to be “wonderful beyond belief”. As she faces death we can see what is important to her as she quietly and sadly enjoys what little time she may have left.

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