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Tim Piggot-Smith as King Charles III Photo - Johan Persson

REVIEW: King Charles III, Almeida (2014)

Mike Bartlett may be our best British playwright. With each play he writes he demonstrates a variety of talent and perception, inventing new and diverse subjects. His latest play surprised some of the critical fraternity, who hadn't done their homework, when they realised his modern history play, like Shakespeare's histories was in verse. Except that it isn't accurate to call King Charles III a history play as it is about events that haven't yet taken place.

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Danny Webb as Stephen (centre) and Company - Photo: Marc Brenner

REVIEW: 13, Olivier Theatre (2011)

13 is about politics and the part we play or don't play in decision making. Faced with a society, set in the present where the banks call the shots and where people die in pointless wars, Bartlett questions whether it has to be like this.

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