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Offue Okegbe as Mr Punch, Michael Crean as Ketch and Yvette Boakye as The Crocodile (Photo: Greg Goodale)

REVIEW: Evelyn, Southwark Playhouse (2022)

Supposition and Suspicion by the Seaside "Little twisting pinchesAlmost like Chinese burnson my arms and legs”Jeanne Nicola Harrison as Sandra and Rula Lenska as Jeanne (Photo: Greg Goodale) Tom Ratcliffe’s play…

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Cast in The Crucible (Photo Johan Persson)

Review: The Crucible, Old Vic (2014)

The South African born director Yael Farber, after an award winning Mies Julie brings her dark touch to Arthur Miller's iconic play about prejudice, politics and hysteria The Crucible. Set in the 17th century in Salem, the witch trials were a matter of record, probably driven by greed for land confiscated from witches but as Miller was writing he was thinking about the trials in twentieth century America, the witch hunt for Communists that were instigated by Senator McCarthy.

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