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Anthony Welsh as Troy and Daniel Kaluuya as Leon - Photo: Chris Nash

REVIEW: Sucker Punch, Royal Court (2010)

Roy Williams' plays can be enjoyed at many levels and so it is with his latest and original offering at the Royal Court, Sucker Punch which follows a group of young boxers in a club in a run down area of London in the 1980s. Besides the sports story which culminates in a boxing match being excitingly staged in a real ring, there are observations about race and friendship and about racism and sport.

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John Boyega as Reece and Jaye Griffiths as Chandra - Photo: Tristram Kenton

REVIEW: Category B, Tricycle (2009)

Roy Williams analyses the society in this particular Category B prison with shifts in the power base for both prisoners and warders. When visiting prisons Williams was struck by the almost fatherly approach of some of the warders to the prisoners. His play looks at the interrelating power structures within the men and the prison officers in this community which is also a prison.

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