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Brian Ferguson as Young Robert - Photo: Manuel Harlan

REVIEW: Earthquakes in London, Cottesloe Theatre (2010)

The epic themes of the play, which mainly takes place in the present, but begins in 1968 and fasts forward to 2525, are explored through the prism of a dysfunctional family, whose break-up mirrors the impending ecological disaster.

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REVIEW: Enron, Royal Court (2009)

Enron is about the creative accounting adopted by the Texan energy giant to disguise their losses and debts that gives creativity a bad name. The bubble burst and down tumbled two giants, Enron and accountants Arthur Andersen, as well as many Enron employees who lost not only their jobs but all their capital after using it to purchase the company's shares. So how do we turn the tedium of financial balance sheets and stock market registers into living theatre? With innovative skill, that's how!

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