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Cast of Hamlet Photo: Johan Persson)

REVIEW: Hamlet, Sam Wanamaker (2022)

If you have ever seen Shit Faced Shakespeare where an unknown member of the cast will drink real alcohol while the rest remain sober, you would see a contemporary version of Shakespeare as a comedy designed to make you laugh.  In this version of Hamlet at the beautifully recreated Shakespearean theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the idea is to show Hamlet as a psychopathic, woman hating, selfish aristocrat who tells Fortinbras to fuck off and can handle a can of spray paint. 

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Cush Jumbo as Hamlet (Photo: Helen Murray)

REVIEW: Hamlet, Young Vic (2021)

Cush Jumbo's soliloquies are deep and thoughtful, every word heard as they should be.  This is the third time I recall the Young Vic choosing an excellent Hamlet but giving him a problematic production.  There was Peter Brook's curtailing Adrian Lester's Hamlet to just Hamlet's lines in the play.  There was Ian Rickson's setting of Martin Sheen as Hamlet in a psychiatric ward with Gertrude as a fellow patient and Claudius as the consultant psychiatrist.  We walked through an installation of the back of a hospital with a dispensary before seeing the play.  The last really successful, all round Hamlet I remember at the Young Vic was Paul Rhys's 1930s European royalty in 1999.

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