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Douglas Henshall as James Melville, Brian Vernel as Thompson and Rona Morison as Agnes )Photo: Manuel Harlan)

REVIEW: Mary, Hampstead Theatre (2022)

Was Mary Queen of Scots villified for her enjoyment of sex? “Too often she was ruled by her heart.” James Melville Douglas Henshall as James Malville and Brian Verney as Thompson…

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Claire Price as Alex (Photo: Robert Day)

REVIEW: Raya, Hampstead Theatre Downstairs (2021)

There are too few plays which mention the menopause.  Have I lost my male readers at this point?  Please stay. In Deborah Bruce's new play Raya, the central figure Alex (Claire Price) is 49 and has just attended a reunion at her university organised on Facebook.  Thirty years on from their October start.  She has gone specifically to meet Jason (Bo Poraj) with whom she had an affair when they were undergraduates. 

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